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'Stanton' Triple Expansion Engine

"Stanton"  Triple Expansion Engine

This engine, manufactured by Glenfield & Co. of Kilmarnock in 1897, is one of a pair, which was used to supply hydraulic power at Stanton Ironworks near Ilkeston. It is of the marine type inverted triple expansion design having cylinders of 14", 23" and 38" bore by 24" stroke, delivering 200 h.p. with steam input at 100 psi

With the engine running at 50 rpm, the three crosshead mounted ram pumps delivered up to 348 gallons of water per minute into a storage accumulator at a pressure of 700 lbs. per sq. in.

Association members dismantled the engine at Stanton Ironworks in 1979, having been out of use for some years. Restoration of the engine commenced in 1992. The engine was finally assembled in July 1997 and steamed again in the autumn of 1998.

The  engine on its first running day, autumn 1998,
The building in the background, houses the Linby Winder

An end view taken in early 1999

Photograph taken in 2001

Photos copyright  M P Melbourne